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Minimize Challenges With Oracle Cerner Go Live Consultants

As the implementation and optimization processes are nearing completion and training sessions are progressing well, it can be tempting to rush through the final steps. To maximize your investment in this healthcare IT application, though, it’s crucial to handle this stage with special care. Hurrying can lead to unnecessary expenses and lessen the potential impact of the overall project on your healthcare facilities.

The solution? Using experienced Cerner consultants who will minimize challenges as your facilities prepare to go live. To benefit from HealthTECH Resources’ unparalleled experience, track record of success, and premier consultants, please fill out the form below or call (602) 903-7961. We’re here to help you create a customized staff augmentation plan for the most effective Cerner go live process.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Oracle Cerner Go Live Preparation

At the beginning of this process, your team—perhaps consisting of in-house IT staff and expert consultants sourced from HealthTECH—will determine the project’s scope, set objectives, create budgets, and formulate timelines. These will serve as the foundation of your Cerner project with each step taken intended to contribute to them and fit within parameters. Process and workflow analyses will then provide guidance as Cerner professionals configure and customize the application for your specific needs.

Before going live with the Cerner software, your team should check off punch list items to fully leverage the healthcare application, including:

  • Implementation, integration, and optimization
  • Data cleaning, validation, and migration
  • Process documentation
  • Training sessions
  • Change management initiatives
  • Any other elements unique to your facilities

As the go live transition nears, experienced consultants from the HealthTECH network can gather input from stakeholders in your facilities and obtain feedback from staff members who work in diverse roles. Using that feedback, they’ll strategically navigate the EHR transition so that financial benefits and application effectiveness are maximized.

Their expertise, both broad and application-specific, allows your healthcare facilities to avoid potential pitfalls, create workarounds, and minimize the impact of any issues. They’ll test data cleanliness and accessibility and the Cerner setup; make sure the application is properly configured; ensure that training is completed and support systems are ready; and handle any final punch list items.

Less seasoned consultants wouldn’t have as much experience to fall back on, which can complicate the process, cause frustration, lead to missed deadlines, and create extra expenses.

When you need an experienced Cerner team for a seamless cutover, HealthTECH Resources provides just what you need. We specialize in just one niche: healthcare IT staff augmentation services for EMR and EHR projects, including Cerner.

HealthTECH for Oracle Cerner Go Live Staff Augmentation

Our agile, boutique-style agency has 20 years of deep industry experience in the EMR/EHR space and we’re the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team when it comes to fulfilling healthcare IT human resource needs.

HealthTECH has developed an extensive network of EHR professionals and, as we’ve experienced growth, we’ve continued to create a wider, deeper, and broader set of connections with the Cerner experts your healthcare facilities need. We’ve expanded our operations and specialized recruiting functions while streamlining our processes and delivery systems—which means you can receive even more rapid, targeted services to enhance your staffing and ability to deliver world class healthcare services.

We provide top quality staff under the most urgent timelines and stringent requirements so that you can fill in your staffing gaps with the best professionals. Let’s get started! Just fill out the form below or call (602) 903-7961.

CIO or IT Director Needing Oracle Cerner Consulting Support?

Our experts are eager to discuss your needs today.

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Oracle Cerner Go Live FAQs

Why should my facility use Cerner go live support?

As your healthcare facilities switch their EHR systems, end users will be managing their workflows through new technologies—and, no matter how much training takes place, working with an application in a live environment creates new situations and raises questions. Cerner go live support allows them to have easy access to information they need to provide quality patient care.

What does Cerner go live support offer?

When you decide to use Cerner as your EHR application, your healthcare facility can ask about support services offered by the software provider.

Because the platform is extendable, though, your facilities have likely customized extensions to reduce costs, improve patient care and education, and meet business needs and workflows. It will be incredibly beneficial for your staff to have go live support for your specific application and all of its modifications and customizations, and HealthTECH provides facilities like yours with professionals that offer exactly that.

As an example, some organizations like to train members of their in-house IT staff as Cerner “super users.” They receive specialized, more in-depth training, which can be provided by our Cerner experts; then, these super users serve as points of contact for your staff. When more support is needed, professionals provided by HealthTECH can offer even more enhanced services.

How long does a typical Cerner go live cutover take?

When literally referring to the cutover, the process is not typically lengthy since, technically speaking, healthcare facilities simply switch from using one EMR/EHR application to the Cerner software. The process that leads up to this process, though, can last anywhere from several months to a couple of years. How long yours would take would depend upon the project’s complexity and whether you’re switching the entire system over all at once or through carefully planned stages. With the second structure, you may, as just two examples, decide to cut over by department or user type.

The all-in approach will likely require a lesser amount of time for support services while, with a phased approach, personalized support can be strategically offered for each step. No matter how you plan to handle your Cerner go live, HealthTECH can provide you with the professionals you need. They can guide you through making key decisions, crafting the right approach for your budget, timeline, and care environment, and more.