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Planning Your Oracle Cerner Data Migration

Cleanly and effectively migrating your data will play a key role in the integrity of your patient medical records going forward. This process, though, can be complex with multiple core decision points along the way. When your healthcare organization will be migrating data to Cerner, we can seamlessly fill in your staffing gaps through our professional network of EHR specialists.

HealthTECH Resources solely specializes in IT staff augmentation services for healthcare facilities with a premier network of quality experts. To benefit from the unparalleled experience of our staffing firm and the experts you can source for your Cerner data migration project, contact us online; fill out the form below; or call (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Oracle Cerner EHR Migration Planning Components

Cerner data migration is a key element of your overall EHR implementation project and the processes involved should fit within and support your goals, objectives, action plans, project scope, timelines, and budget. When allocating resources, incorporating line items for EHR data conversion tasks, including for the human talent who can effectively and cost efficiently plan the migration and accomplish the steps involved.

Decisions need to be made about what data should:

  • Be migrated for ongoing use
  • Not be migrated (such as patient bill balances)
  • Be archived (such as inactive patient records)

Experts must devise customized strategies to clean the data, verify its quality, remove duplication, and migrate the data with minimal disruption in healthcare services provided.

To streamline and optimize these processes, you can rely upon Cerner consultants that have thorough knowledge and experience with data migration in the HealthTECH Resources network. They’ll leverage their extensive, hands-on EHR data conversion knowledge while working hand-in-hand with your in-house healthcare IT team. In collaboration, your augmented team can identify pitfalls; brainstorm and create workarounds; implement solutions; and minimize risk through the EHR data conversion process.

Experienced EMR/EHR data migration professionals in our network provide solutions with flexibility and customization, knowing that no two Cerner projects are identical. Some require uploading paper records while others upgrade from an EMR system to the robust Cerner EHR application. So, when you share the needs of your healthcare organization, our staff augmentation team will rapidly supply exactly the experts you need.

Top professionals can often be on-site at your facilities within 48 hours, specialists that meet your stringent hiring requirements, which is crucial when you have urgent deadlines. Plus, you can source Cerner data migration experts as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements.

Oracle Cerner Data Cleaning, Conversion, and Migration

From assessment of data to categorization, our EMR/EHR consultants that specialize in data migration can analyze, clean, convert, and archive information before migrating the data according to your organization’s specific definitions and attributes in ways that meet regulations.

Professionals from the HealthTECH Resources network will ensure successful migrations, verifying that processes involved have not damaged data integrity. They can also confirm that other processes have not been altered in any negative way before verifying the completeness of transferred data and ease of accessibility.

HealthTECH for Your Oracle Cerner Migration Staff Augmentation

Thanks to our 20-plus years of industry experience, our boutique-style staff augmentation agency can seamlessly connect you with the Cerner consultants you need. Our sole focus on
healthcare IT/EMR/EHR consulting has facilitated our development of a deep and wide network of Cerner professionals and empowers us to rapidly respond to requests throughout the United States.

Our quality of service and firm reliability has triggered an extended period of unprecedented growth for HealthTECH Resources. So, to continue to consistently provide top-shelf service, we’ve proactively expanded our operations and further enhanced recruiting. We’ve streamlined processes and our laser-targeted fulfillment to provide healthcare facilities like yours with the in-demand experts they require.

In short, we’ve developed a synergistic system that really works, benefiting everyone involved, as we connect organizations providing world-class healthcare services with human talent who can optimally leverage best-in-class technology.

CIO or IT Director Needing Oracle Cerner Consulting Support?

Our experts are eager to discuss your needs today.

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Oracle Cerner Data Migration FAQs

What is healthcare data migration?

Any time that a hospital, clinic, emergency room, physician’s office, or other type of healthcare organization moves (migrates) data to another system, this is considered to be healthcare data migration. Organizations upgrade from legacy software to modern solutions to benefit from flexible yet robust applications like Cerner. You may also hear this process called an EMR/EHR data conversion.

What are data migration requirements that your professionals follow?

HealthTECH Resources provides high quality, experienced professionals who understand and implement best practices. Overall steps include data analysis and an assessment of the Cerner application followed up by the creation of a migration plan. Once this solution is built out and tested, the EHR data conversion takes place and is then verified for quality and completeness through a post-migration audit.

What is data migration and how is it relevant in a healthcare IT software implementation scenario?

Data migration is a process in which patients’ medical data from one system is transferred into another. This benefits healthcare organizations because they can upgrade to a robust, flexible, modern EHR application that allows the facilities to leverage the best of today’s technology to provide in-demand healthcare services.

What is a Cerner data migration?

Cerner is a modern cloud-based EHR system used by healthcare organizations to manage their operations and healthcare services. The Cerner application provides healthcare professionals with real-time patient data, including diagnoses, medications, treatments, and more.

A Cerner data migration involves moving data from the previous system (whether paper or another type of EMR/EHR system) to the Cerner application. This involves creating a plan that fits within the scope, budget, and timeline of the overall EHR implementation and then cleaning, categorizing, verifying, and transferring data—followed up with verification audits.

Filling in staffing gaps to create a seamless EHR data conversion is crucial, and HealthTECH Resources has a network of highly qualified specialists. To augment your in-house IT team for a successful EHR data conversion, contact us today.