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We understand that technology is nothing without the right people behind it, which is why we’ve spent years developing a proven recruitment and screening method to augment your healthcare team. This method ensures that your organization receives the most qualified candidates without wasting time or money. To benefit from HealthTECH’s unparalleled expertise in healthcare IT staffing and our comprehensive network of premier consultants, contact us today by filling out the form below or calling (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Healthcare IT Staff Augmentation For Oracle Cerner Projects

When you need healthcare IT professionals to fill in your skills gap for a Cerner project, you need experts with exactly the right knowledge and experience, and are available on your timelines. HealthTECH’s boutique staff augmentation model for healthcare IT projects provides the ultra-efficient staffing solutions you need for even the most accelerated deadlines. Our unmatched experience in recruiting allows us to help you drive your projects forward, from the initial Cerner implementation onward.

HealthTECH places premier professionals—including consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and permanent candidates—in positions in hospitals, specialty medical practices, urgent care centers, group clinics, and more throughout the United States. We’re proud of our stellar, time-tested track record of excellence and our reputation as one of the country’s best providers of healthcare IT consultants/EHR consultants.

Companies often hire us after having a less than satisfactory experience with another staff augmentation firm because we are known as the company that solves pain points. Plus, we provide solutions with far less red tape than competitors at an accelerated fulfillment rate because our proprietary processes and deep industry knowledge and connections allow us to fill in staffing gaps quickly with top talent.

First-rate professionals on our comprehensive slate of talent include analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors and more. What they have in common: their top-shelf expertise and a specialized type of experience in one or more of these Cerner modules.

More specifically, here are insights into areas where quality staff augmentation services are available.

Oracle Cerner Consultant Professionals

Cerner consultants specialize in one or more areas of this brand of software, an EHR consultant that includes Cerner in their portfolio of expertise. Some consultants solely focus on Cerner while others have knowledge and experience in multiple EHR applications. Some offer a broad scope of consulting services while others are more niche, perhaps excelling in implementation procedures or specializing in Cerner go live cutovers.

The more specifically you can define your needs, the more likely it is that you’ll assemble the optimal project team. Also, consider whether you need Cerner consulting professionals for a designated period of time or as a permanent hire.

Oracle Cerner Training

Training programs are at the heart of successful go-live transitions, preparing users for the new processes and workflows until they feel confident. Fortunately, many Cerner consultants provide these training sessions and documentation as a core service.

The reality is that, because this highly flexible application can be configured and customized so precisely to a particular healthcare facility’s needs, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to provide physicians and other professionals with one-size-fits-all training. Instead, training should be personalized to dovetail with each facility’s configurations and customizations—and expert Cerner training professionals can teach usage techniques, segmented to each audience, in engaging and interactive ways.

Finally, when augmenting staff for Cerner application use, consider the importance of process documentation, with manuals and guides placed at appropriate facility workstations. HealthTECH can provide you with experts who specialize in this type of software documentation.

Oracle Cerner EMR Migration

EMR migration can occur when a medical facility needs to upload emergency medical records that are still in paper form into a digital system. This process can also take place when a healthcare facility is conducting an EMR migration by upgrading to a robust EHR system. No matter the specifics, this type of process can be complex.

There are multiple tasks that need to be tackled in an EMR/EHR migration, including an assessment of the medical facility’s current technology; exploring Cerner modules and their functionalities; creating a plan; selecting a project team and augmenting staff, as needed; the actual Cerner implementation, integration, and optimization; go-live preparations and processes; training; change management services; and so forth.

Successful Oracle Cerner migrations involve investigations into data integrity and any duplication issues; migration methodologies; integration plans; and more. Some data may intentionally not be migrated while other pieces of inactive data may be archived—and these decisions require careful analyses. After all, well-handled migrations will have a positive overall effect on the integrity and quality of medical records going forward; the inverse is also true.

Oracle Cerner Implementation

The Cerner implementation process includes defining the project’s scope and then creating goals, timelines, and milestones, with the goals then broken down into tasks with deadlines and resources assigned to accomplishing them. Workflow-related and other challenges need to be comprehensively identified and addressed so the project can be efficiently and effectively managed.

As this process unfolds, it isn’t unusual to discover that skills gaps exist in the overall EHR implementation plan—and, for an optimal Cerner implementation and execution, these gaps need to be filled in. This often occurs through assigning current in-house employees to the project while also augmenting the staff through recruiting services.

When deciding how to augment, and with how many professionals, consider what tasks in-house employees may need to stop doing in order to focus on a successful EHR implementation. Can your facility afford to have other projects put to the side or have reduced attention? If so, for how long? If your medical center needs help with right-sizing human resource needs, contact us at HealthTECH to discuss the most streamlined ways to accomplish what you need while still meeting all of your deadlines.

Oracle Cerner Optimization

Go beyond quick implementations that may not take into account the complexity of the workflows in your facilities. Instead, optimize your robust, highly flexible Cerner application setup by augmenting staff from our network and empowering optimization specialists to leverage their extensive experience to maximize your software usage.

These specialists can also efficiently streamline tasks, freeing up physicians and other medical professionals from handling repetitive, routine tasks—allowing them to put more of their time and attention where it truly belongs: on quality patient care. These Cerner optimization consultants can pinpoint potential areas of concern and help to create alternative workflows to benefit medical professionals, patients, and the bottom line.

We support these Oracle Cerner applications:

  • Millennium Suite
  • CCL
  • CPOE and Medication
  • Reconciliation
  • Device Integrations
  • Discern Expert
  • Discern Rules
  • MPages
  • Millennium Care Aware
  • Millennium CareNet
  • Millennium Core Services
  • Millennium CVNet
  • Millennium EMAR
  • Millennium ERM ESM
  • Millennium FirstNet
  • Millennium INet
  • Millennium IView
  • Millennium Knowledge Solutions
  • Millennium Message Center
  • Millennium Open Engine
  • Millennium Orders Management
  • Millennium PathNet
  • Millennium Perioperative Solutions
  • Millennium PharmNet
  • Millennium PowerChart
  • Millennium PowerChart Office
  • Millennium PowerNote
  • Millennium PowerPlans
  • Millennium PowerVision
  • Millennium PPID
  • Millennium ProFile
  • Millennium Provision
  • Millennium RadNet
  • Millennium Revenue Cycle Solutions

Contact Us For Cerner Staff Augmentation

While some recruiting companies focus on a myriad of industries, HealthTECH specializes in just one niche—the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space. We boast more than two decades of deep industry experience with extensive, highly-developed networks and deep and broad connections with industry professionals.

HealthTECH is the fastest and most reliable and knowledgeable recruiting team in the EMR/EHR industry, rapidly responding to staff augmentation requests with the solutions that medical facilities like yours need. This is the case, at least in part, because of our intense focus on one goal: fulfilling healthcare IT human resource needs. And, because we’re boutique-sized, we agilely provide personalized service to each of our clients—each and every time they need to fill in staffing gaps with top-shelf professionals in the United States.

We’ve been providing healthcare facilities with the professionals they need with unprecedented growth. This momentum has continued to grow over the past few years and we anticipate that it will continue as clients ramp up hiring needs even further. We’ve proactively prepared for this growth so that we can continue to provide rapid staffing fulfillment services by expanding operations and specialized recruiting functions. We’ve also streamlined our processes and delivery systems to create an increasingly greater network to provide you with Cerner consultants.

HealthTECH is the team you can rely on to maximize your Cerner project team through the addition of first-in-class consultants. The result? You can maximize your technology to truly go above and beyond when delivering world-class health care services.

Contact us to get started on meeting your Cerner staff augmentation needs today.

CIO or IT Director Needing Oracle Cerner Consulting Support?

Our experts are eager to discuss your needs today.

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Oracle Cerner FAQs

What is Cerner software?

Cerner is a medical-focused information technology company located in the United States that provides software, hardware, services, and more internationally. Typical clients include medical practices, retail pharmacies, laboratories, and long-term care facilities that want to use cutting-edge technological solutions to enhance the abilities of individuals and communities to play key roles in their own health management. With 40 years of an in-depth industry focus, Cerner is recognized for its second-to-none ability to globally connect people and systems, with tools that are “designed to work for today and think for tomorrow.”

Data provided through Cerner applications empowers clients to make real-time decisions for enhanced operational management and to provide better quality of patient care. The software allows them to be interactive with people they serve to transform health care models and make breakthrough innovations.

Is Cerner Millennium an EMR or EHR?

Cerner MIllennium is considered an electronic health record (EHR). This robust EHR platform allows healthcare facilities to accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively document patient care information—whether in-patient or out-patient—and then easily access it, thanks to intuitive, streamlined workflows. The result? Meaningful patient care, enhanced patient safety, and an improved patient experience because of the ability of medical professionals to make better informed, real-time decisions through this single source system. Another benefit of Cerner software is its ability to issue algorithm-based alerts based on a medical facility’s rules to provide physicians and other medical personnel with information needed for the ultimate in patient safety.

Is Cerner or Epic better?

More than half (approximately 55%) of acute healthcare facilities in the United States use either Cerner or Epic as their choice of IT application, and both are outstanding software systems. So, the question should be “Is Cerner or Epic better for my specific health care facility?”

Epic is typically used by large medical systems (here’s more info on Epic), while Cerner tends to be selected by urgent care centers, specialty medical practices, and group clinics, among other facilities. This application is appreciated for its HIPAA compliance features; user-friendly dashboard; and efficient, streamlined workflow capabilities. Charts are easy to search for rapid location of key information and the software provides secure access to patient records, including through mobile devices.

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How can I become part of your Cerner consultant network?

Browse open positions here and click on job titles that fit your professional expertise. You’ll then see detailed job descriptions and you can quickly apply for those that interest you by clicking on the orange “Apply For Job” button. Or you can submit your resume or apply for open positions through LinkedIn. Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the premier HealthTECH network!