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Targeted Allscripts Training Programs

The experienced Allscripts consultants who are sourced from our professional network create and provide targeted training sessions that conform with how your Allscripts application is implemented, configured, and customized. These consultants specialize in Allscripts training services and can craft personalized, role-based educational sessions to show your healthcare facility teams how to confidently use the technology to navigate your unique processes and workflows.

Software pathways followed by physicians, for example, will differ from those used by insurance specialists. Your application may be configured differently in a medical practice than in a laboratory or ambulatory clinic. The Allscripts EMR training professionals that you select through our staff augmentation services will weigh each factor to craft highly relevant, engaging, and interactive training sessions for your facilities—allowing your teams to explore and use the application as if it were already live.

For unsurpassed quality in Allscripts EHR training professionals who will help you to maximize your application usage, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Benefits of Allscripts Training Programs

Choosing and implementing Allscripts as your healthcare facility’s new EHR solution can cost effectively improve patient care and their outcomes. It’s crucial, though, that your staff can maximize their effective usage of the software—and that’s where Allscripts trainers come into play.

As they facilitate the end users’ understanding of the ways in which your organization is customizing the software, the user adoption rate and their ability to seamlessly navigate the application will increase.

Allscripts training professionals from HealthTECH provide programs that allow your healthcare teams to absorb knowledge, step by step. They can experiment with the application, ask questions, offer feedback, and otherwise play a fundamental role in the process.

Allscripts EHR training experts who are provided through our staff augmentation services can offer role-based training; more in-depth training to super users; and base their programs on your facilities’ unique processes. Or, they can combine these methodologies to match your preferences.

Strategic Intelligence Gathering

Allscripts consultants will collaborate with your key stakeholders and in-house IT team to gain an in-depth understanding of your facilities’ goals, processes, and workflows along with how you’re customizing the Allscripts software. Using this knowledge, along with information about your end users and their needs, our premier trainers will craft a scalable program that is highly efficient and effective, helping you deliver the ultimate in patient care and outcomes.

As the training consultants continue to develop their engaging programs, they will continue to incorporate and leverage new insights. The result: educational programs that allow your in-house teams to practice usage to gain proficiency as Allscripts EHR training professionals guide them from their current understanding of technology towards confident navigation.

Allscripts EMR Training: Leveraging Best Practices

Allscripts EMR training programs empower end users using one or more of three main approaches: role-based, super user, and process-based ones. As desired, they can combine these approaches for optimal results.

Role-Based Training

Allscripts EMR trainers will demonstrate role-based application use and then encourage participants to experiment and practice with the Allscripts software based on their specific role within the facility. As feedback is given, it will be appropriately added to future training sessions.

Super User Training

Certain employees, including IT specialists, can be selected as super users. The Allscripts EMR training consultants will provide them with advanced application information to enable them to support your entire healthcare organization going forward.

Process-Based Training

Key processes of your facilities serve as the focus of this training approach. Trainers can leverage this as a solo methodology or in combination with role-based and/or super user training structures.

Process Documentation

Experienced technical writers from the HealthTECH network of professionals can create user-friendly training manuals that translate complicated process documentation into hands-on resources. This can enhance your Allscripts EMR training program and you can use them in initial sessions, in post-live refresher programs, at facility workstations, and as new employee onboarding resources.

Allscripts Training Support, Post-Live

Once the Allscripts software is live, end users will likely have questions as they continue to gain proficiency. EHR training professionals from our network can offer the necessary post-launch support to help them boost their levels of confidence for as long (or as short) of a time your facilities need.

For more than 20 years, our boutique-style agency has provided second to none staff augmentation services in just one unique niche: the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space. We specialize in helping healthcare facilities to strategically fill in gaps throughout the Allsprings implementation, right-sizing your human resource needs—often within 48 hours as
consultants, contract-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements.

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Allscripts Training FAQs

What is Allscripts training?

Allscripts is a robust platform that physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities use, such as small to mid-sized medical practices, emergency rooms, surgical centers, ambulatory clinics, and lab systems. Each of these types of healthcare organizations will have unique requirements for this flexible software and each will configure and customize it to dovetail with their specific processes and workflows.

To help you harness the power of this application and maximize your return on investment, Allscripts training professionals from our network create and present personalized, engaging, and interactive educational sessions for optimal usage. They can present them in multiple structures, depending upon your preferences, and we also have professional technical writers that can capture process documentation details and transform them into user-friendly training manuals and reference materials.

How will my organization benefit from Allscripts training?

Because this application can be uniquely configured and customized to dovetail with your organization’s specific needs and workflows, end users in each of your facility’s departments will need role-based training to maximize their ability to navigate the software. This helps healthcare organizations to become more effective and cost efficient, while more quickly realizing their return on investment. This in turn helps facilities to optimize patient care and improve their outcomes. Contrast that to facilities that don’t involve an EHR training specialist in the process and those end users can’t fully play a role in helping to achieve those operational and healthcare goals.

When is the best time to start the Allscripts training process?

The earlier you can involve training professionals into the implementation process, the better. Why? Because each implementation is unique, from its goals to timelines and its configurations to customizations, when training consultants participate in the process, they can document processes—and then use those to craft training materials and programs that will maximize your organization’s end users’ ability to efficiently navigate the software. In other words, to benefit fully from the education provided, training should not be an add-on late in the process.