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Allscripts Go-Live Preparation

After your healthcare organization selected Allscripts as your EHR software, everything you’ve done up until now is leading towards one key day: the go-live cutover date. As that day approaches, the software should now be fully customized for your unique needs and operations, configured and streamlined with end users front of mind.

Besides maximizing workflows to free up your medical teams for even more quality care and other employees for even more efficient processes, preparation includes data-related tasks: analysis, categorization, cleaning, archiving, and more for the optimal data transfer. 

Once IT experts comprehensively address implementation issues, the actual transition from a previous EMR/EHR system to Allscripts will approach. This is the heart of the Allscripts go-live process and must be handled with expertise and finesse. HealthTECH Resources provides premier Allscripts consulting professionals that allow you to optimize this cutover process.

Our boutique-style staff augmentation agency is focused solely on the healthcare IT EMR/EHR space. The unsurpassed professionals in our network provide the quality of service you deserve, filling in staffing gaps to enhance your in-house team. To get started, please fill out the form below or call (602) 903-7961.

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How Go-Live Services Fit Into The Overall Process

To create a structure for your Allscripts implementation, your healthcare organization likely began with goals and objectives, and a project scope, timeline, and budget. Within this structure, IT experts can then take on more granular processes, including the following:

  • Analyzing facility processes and workflows
  • Drilling down to department-level workflows and processes
  • Observing how end users navigate the current EMR/EHR software
  • Recommending optimal configurations for the new Allscripts application

Throughout the implementation, your teams must make efficient and effective decisions with each one enhancing clinical healthcare services and operations—always with a keen eye on reaching ROI goals for your new technology investment.

Next, each healthcare team will need to be trained on how to optimally navigate the application in role-based ways. Allscripts professionals can craft educational materials—from process documentation to workstation manuals and more—hold targeted, interactive training sessions, answer questions, and more.

To ensure that all bases are fully covered before Allscripts is transitioned into a live application, your IT support team can create a punch list with items that still need to be checked off. From consulting with stakeholders across roles to gathering input about how the application is now configured, professionals from our outstanding network can then incorporate valuable feedback given to further enhance Allscripts before the cut over.

Additional punch list items will likely look like these:

  • Double check all configurations.
  • Test and validate all data.
  • Verify change management initiative completion. 
  • Confirm the entire implementation.

Experienced Allscripts professionals who are sourced from the HealthTECH Resources network will identify any remaining problems in these areas while expertly creating solutions, including but not limited to nuanced workarounds. 

Contrast this situation with one where less experienced consultants handle crucial steps—and challenges will likely include knowledge and skills gaps; less know-how in sidestepping or addressing problems; and less experience in working within deadlines and budgets. The result? Frustration. Time challenges. Money challenges, too. 

Our Allscripts go-live experts seamlessly fill in staffing gaps and then collaborate with your in-house team for the ultimate in effective application transitions.

HealthTECH for Allscripts Staff Augmentation Services

When your healthcare organization needs fast, reliable staffing augmentation for your Allscripts project, our knowledgeable team is ready—even for stringent requests and urgent timelines. We’ve been fulfilling requests like these for more than 20 years, providing healthcare facilities like yours with unsurpassed quality in the professionals we provide. 

We’re now positioned to provide your organization with an even deeper, broader, and more powerful network of professionals—thanks to unprecedented growth at HealthTECH Resources. In response to that growth, we strategically expanded our operations and specialized recruiting functions while also streamlining processes and delivery systems. 

To ensure your organization’s transition to Allscripts enhances your world-class healthcare services, contact us to source experienced Allscripts go-live support professionals.

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Allscripts Go-Live FAQs

What is “pre go-live” with the Allscripts software?

This term is sometimes used to describe the period leading up to the actual go-live transition with a EHR software such as Allscripts. It’s another way of saying “Allscripts go-live preparation” and will entail the steps we’ve described in that section of this page as well as what’s laid out in the “Overall Process” section of this page.

What are the benefits of hiring Allscripts go-live consultants?

When you begin to plan your EHR implementation process, it’s not unusual to find gaps in skill sets in your internal IT team. After all, implementing a new EHR system comes with unique requirements that don’t exist during more typical times. So, it’s crucial to fill in those gaps before implementing your new application and crossing over to its live usage, all in the most efficient and cost effective ways possible—and we supply the professionals that can support and guide you from start to finish.

Up to this point, we’ve discussed go-live preparation and the actual transition, but post-live professionals then complete the process by answering questions that arise in a live environment. Even when you’ve provided your end users with in-depth training sessions and excellent process documentation and manuals, using a live application is always different from using it in a controlled learning environment. Real-time usage naturally triggers questions and our Allscripts go-live professionals can help.

How long does the Allscripts go-live process take?

This depends on how you define the go-live process. Actually crossing over doesn’t take long because it only involves the transition from one EMR/EHR software brand to Allscripts. The entire process from choosing the application to going live, will depend upon the complexity with time ranging from several months to a couple of years.