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EHR Data Migrations Start With Planning

Data migration processes can be quite complex with decisions made having a significant impact on the project’s overall success—and the integrity of your patient medical records. So, if your healthcare organization is planning a legacy EMR data migration to Allscripts or switching to this EHR application, you’ll need the optimal professional team. We can help.

In fact, HealthTECH Resources specializes in exactly this niche: IT staff augmentation services for healthcare facilities like yours. Our in-depth network contains the premier experts you need for your Allscripts data migration project. To benefit from the unparalleled experience of our boutique-style agency, just contact us online; fill out the form below; or call (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

EHR Migration Planning Elements

Successful projects have clearly established goals with action plans derived from those objectives. Plans need well defined scopes, timelines, and budgets, including for EHR data conversion. Resource allocation should include line items for human talent that can maximize the data migration and conversion processes.

Migration experts must make decisions about what data should:

  • Be migrated for ongoing use
  • Not be migrated (such as patient bill balances)
  • Be archived (such as inactive patient records)

Additional decisions will focus on data:

  • Cleanliness
  • Quality
  • Duplication

Experts in the HealthTECH Resources network will leverage their EHR data conversion knowledge as they collaborate with your in-house IT team to optimally handle these issues. They’ll work hand-in-hand to identify potential pitfalls and create workarounds to minimize risk and to manage each step of the process in the most effective and cost efficient ways.

No two Allscripts data migration projects are exactly the same. Some facilities may be uploading records from paper while others may be upgrading from an EMR to the Allscripts EHR software. No matter the specifics of your requirements, our staff augmentation firm can optimally supplement your healthcare IT team—and quickly.

In fact, professionals from our network can often arrive at your site within 48 hours to meet your urgent project timelines. This is true even when you have stringent staffing requirements. Allscripts EHR migration experts can be sourced from HealthTECH Resources as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements.

Allscripts Data Cleaning, Conversion, and Migration

From start to finish, our EMR/EHR data migration experts can assess and categorize yours—helping you to analyze, clean (manually, automatically, or in tandem), retire, convert, and then appropriately migrate information. In addition, our IT professionals can do so according to your healthcare organization’s definitions and attributes and archive according to regulations.

During the migration, professionals from the HealthTECH Resources network can ensure that cleaning and migrating processes have not altered data values or negatively impacted other processes. After completing all this, Allscripts experts will verify the transferred data for completeness and accessibility.

HealthTECH for Your Allscripts Migration Staff Augmentation

Our boutique-style staff augmentation firm possesses 20-plus years of industry experience with a sole focus on healthcare IT/EMR/EHR consulting. This gives us incredible depth and rich breadth of experience and extensive networks of Allscripts consulting professionals—and allows us to respond rapidly to staffing requests. We provide personalized service when filling in staffing gaps throughout the country.

HealthTECH Resources has been experiencing unprecedented growth over the past few years as we consistently match healthcare facilities with exactly the in-demand experts that they want and need. We expect our growth to continue, so we’ve proactively expanded our operations. This includes enhanced recruiting functions to continue to provide organizations with quality choice in specialized EHR consulting professionals.

In addition, we’ve streamlined internal processes and our proprietary delivery systems to keep meeting demand as our clients increase hiring needs. This created a win/win/win synergy that benefits everyone involved as it positions you to have the human talent you need to continue to provide world-class healthcare services supported by best-in-class technology.

CIO or IT Director Needing Allscripts/Altera Consulting Support?

Our experts are eager to discuss your needs today.

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Allscripts Data Migration FAQs

What is Allscripts used for?

This EHR system (Electronic Health Records) is used by hospitals, physician practices, emergency rooms, ambulatory care centers, and other healthcare organizations to manage patient records, revenue information, and more. Allscripts also has a convenient patient portal.

What is EHR migration?

The EHR migration process involves preparing patient information in a healthcare organization’s current records to be transferred to a new system. When a facility chooses Allscripts as their new electronic health record (EHR) system, data being transferred to that application may currently be in paper form; in an electronic medical record (EMR) system; or in another brand of EHR software.

Another term commonly used is EHR data conversion, which refers to changing (converting) data stored in one particular format to another type to dovetail with the new system’s formatting.

What is Allscripts migration?

Allscripts is an EHR system and, when healthcare organizations pick this robust system for their record keeping, data from previous systems must be appropriately transferred there. High-level steps include the creation of a migration plan, categorizing data (migrate/don’t migrate/archive), cleaning data, verifying EHR data conversions, and more.

This is a crucial step in the overall implementation of Allscripts because patient medical record quality largely depends upon cleaning and correctly transferring relevant data.

How should we prepare for our Allscripts data migration project?

Your Allscripts EHR data conversion is part of its overall implementation and should dovetail with the goals and objectives you’ve set for the project and fit within the project’s scope, timelines, and budget.

More specifically, you’ll need to assess your current system and compare that to Allscripts formatting and functionalities. Using that as a structure, determine what data should be cleaned and migrated; what does not need to be migrated; and what should be archived. Then, decide how to clean relevant data (manually, automatically, or a combination); how you’ll transfer it with minimal disruption; how to verify converted data; and so forth.