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Our Allscripts experts provide assistance with a variety of aspects associated with the system, including but not limited to system optimization, project management, and content development. This cost-effective assistance is offered round the clock so that you can make the most out of your new system without breaking the bank.

HealthTECH Resources also provides quality Allscripts training so that your staff can utilize the system to its fullest potential. Expert assistance can be available in as quickly as 48 hours. To get started, please fill out the contact form below or call us at (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Best Practices Allscripts /Altera EHR Implementation

Your Allscripts system will be optimally integrated in a way that dovetails with your company’s workflows and processes.

You’ll benefit from HealthTECH Resources’ unparalleled expertise in healthcare IT, overall, and our experience with Allscripts in particular. We have a huge network of premier consultants with second to none expertise in this technology and our company leadership will offer support every step along the way as your staff is well trained, well informed, and augmented with Allscripts professionals to fill in gaps for a complete EHR implementation.

Allscripts / Altera Implementation Services: Healthcare Staff Augmentation

Ultra-efficient boutique-style staff augmentation for healthcare IT projects, delivered at an accelerated pace, is at the very core of what we provide at HealthTECH. In fact, we are one of the top providers of healthcare IT consultants and EHR consultants for hospitals, universities, and insurers throughout the entire United States. The experienced professionals we provide will allow you to expedite your project’s implementation and optimization at the highest levels of quality.

Not surprisingly, companies often turn to us for staff augmentation after having a poor experience with another firm. We’re proud of our:

  • Proprietary processes
  • Overall knowledge of the industry
  • Well deserved reputation for solving pain points
  • Avoidance of unnecessary red tape
  • Applauded speed of service
  • Proven track record of excellence
  • Ability to fill in gaps with top talent

Our first-rate professionals include analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors and more. You can select the staff augmentation options that fit your needs best—consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements—and have your most stringent staffing requirements and urgent needs met within 48 hours. Plus, you can choose experts with a wide range of niches and specialties.

Allscripts / Altera Training

As an example of a key specialty, some Allscripts consultants focus on training services. They can create and provide training sessions that are specifically targeted for your healthcare facility’s wants and needs. That way, once your software is implemented and integrated, users can be prepared to navigate and benefit from customized configurations with confidence.

Allscripts training programs should contain information that’s strategically segmented for each group of users, presented to the audience in interactively engaging ways. What’s been designed for the physicians’ groups, for example, would be different from what insurance specialists would need to know to efficiently and effectively use the platform. Fortunately, the experienced Allscripts training professionals available at HealthTECH Resources can customize your programs, provide process documentation for facility workstations, and more.

Allscripts / Altera Consulting

The job title of “Allscripts consulting professional” is a special type of EHR consultant who has deep knowledge about this particular type of software. When your company needs to hire Allscripts consultants, you can share the specifics of what you need with us and what you’d like for these professionals to accomplish for your facility. That way, we can fulfill your needs with laser precision. For example, an EHR consultant may specialize in:

  • Allscripts EHR implementation
  • Module builds and development, such as with Sunrise Ambulatory Care™, Knowledge-Based Medication Administration, or Allscripts Care Management
  • Cutting over Allscripts go-live services
  • Project management services

HealthTECH helps to staff Allscripts projects of all lengths and complexities, whether you’re looking for a short-term consultant, a permanent hire, or something in between.

Allscripts / Altera Implementation

When planning your EHR implementation, a crucial first step is to review your current in-house health care IT staff to determine what tasks each of them can take on, taking into account what tasks they currently manage. Will they be able to continue their work on them and also take on EHR implementation roles? Then ask yourself, what skills gaps exist and how much staff augmentation will need to take place to effectively fill those gaps? The overarching goal is to right-size your IT team and this is where HealthTECH Resources can provide exactly what you need.

As you strategically fill in the gaps and allot resources—ideally at the start of the project—you can then proceed with confidence, knowing that processes will be optimally created from the get-go. Allscripts implementation experts can create goals, timelines, tasks, and deadlines that fit within the project’s overall scope and budget. Once that framework has been established, more granular workflows can be created (for example, data cleaning and migration workflows), meetings scheduled, and more.

Allscripts / Altera Optimization

While EHR implementation is a key step in the process, HealthTECH Resources staff augmentation services go well beyond that by providing professionals from our first-class network to optimize this robust, highly flexible application.

Timing is crucial with your Allscripts optimization. Go too quickly and you can speed past the careful construction of workflows that the software will manage. Go too slowly and you can delay the benefits your company can receive from the technology. The right staff augmentation with experienced Allscripts optimization specialists can move with appropriate degrees of deliberation and streamlining alike.

These experts can identify potential pitfalls, develop workarounds, and otherwise maximize your usage of the software to benefit physicians and other Allscripts users, as well as the patients that your facilities serve.

Allscripts / Altera Go-Live Services

Throughout the EHR implementation process, there is one highly anticipated red letter day on the calendar: Allscripts Go-Live Day!

After careful planning and dedicated work, that day will finally approach. This is when you’ll likely be focusing on user-specific training sessions, change management endeavors, and configuration double-checks to create the most successful Allscripts go-live cutover possible.

Experienced Allscripts consultants know how to gather input from key stakeholders in diverse roles to design and test the application setup for optimal effect. They’ll check off punch list items to address potential problems and avoid unnecessary expenses to maximize the financial benefits this application can provide for your healthcare facilities.

Allscripts / Altera Migration

The Allscripts migration process can be complicated, indeed, with numerous moving parts—and with each healthcare facility having its own unique processes and goals. In some cases, a facility may have paper records that need to be uploaded through an EHR/EMR migration and implementation process while others are ready to upgrade to an EHR system that’s cutting edge and quite robust.

Tasks that can be part of your Allscripts migration include:

  • Assessing current IT systems in your healthcare facilities
  • Exploring Allscripts functionalities and comparing them to what you need
  • Creating a process plan for the migration
  • Staffing your plan through a combination of in-house team members and strategic augmentation
  • Allscripts implementation, integration, system optimization, go-live switchovers, training, and change management services

It’s crucial to have clean, non-duplicated data in the new system, so data integrity analysis must take place before it’s migrated and integrated. Your facility may decide not to migrate some data, such as patient billing balances, and to archive some, such as inactive patient records.

This stage of the process should be handled with care because the quality and integrity of your medical records going forward will depend upon the success of the EMR migration/EHR migration processes.

We support these Allscripts software modules:

Professional Solutions

  • Practice Management
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Document Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Acute Care

  • Electronic Health Records/CPOE
  • Sunrise Ambulatory Care™
  • Sunrise Critical Care™
  • Sunrise Emergency Care™
  • Sunrise Surgery™
  • Sunrise Laboratory™
  • Sunrise Pharmacy™
  • Sunrise Radiology and Sunrise PACS™
  • Sunrise Tracking Board
  • Sunrise Record Manager™

Electronic Health Records

  • Allscripts MyWay EHR
  • Allscripts Professional EHR™
  • Allscripts Enterprise EHR™

Medication Management

  • CPOE
  • ePrescribing (Prescription Writer)
  • Knowledge-Based Medication Administration
  • Sunrise Pharmacy™

Add-On Solutions

  • Patient Kiosk
  • Patient Portal
  • Clinician Portal
  • Sunrise Mobile MD

Performance Management

  • Sunrise EPSi
  • Sunrise Patient Flow™
  • Sunrise Clinical Analytics™
  • Revenue Cycle and Access Management
  • Allscripts Care Management
  • Allscripts ED

Content Solutions

  • Sunrise InfoButton™
  • Evidence-Based Order Sets
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

HealthTECH: The Smart Choice for Allscripts Staff Augmentation

HealthTECH Resources possesses more than 20 years of industry experience in one special niche: the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space. Our extensive networks and connections with top professionals allow us to rapidly provide staff augmentation services to hospitals and insurers of unsurpassed quality. We are in fact the fastest, most reliable, and knowledgeable recruiting team in the EMR/EHR industry, fully focused on filling in healthcare IT staffing gaps in the United States. As a boutique-sized firm, we provide agile, personalized service to each of our clients.

Over the past few years, while we’ve been providing healthcare facilities with exactly the professionals they need, HealthTECH Resources has experienced unprecedented growth. As our clients continue to ramp up their hiring needs, we anticipate our own growth to continue to climb. Fortunately, we’ve proactively prepared for this momentum so that you can continue to benefit from rapid staff augmentation services.

Our growth means that we have an even larger and more in-depth network of Allscripts consultants to meet your staffing needs. Plus, we’ve expanded our specialized recruiting functions and our general operations while streamlining the processes that provide our clients with the first-in-class consultants they need to continue to deliver world-class healthcare services.

CIO or IT Director Needing Allscripts/Altera Consulting Support?

Our experts are eager to discuss your needs today.

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Allscripts FAQs

What is Allscripts used for?

Allscripts is an electronic health record (EHR) platform designed for use by physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. They offer technologies that are specifically designed for small to mid-sized medical practices as well as hospital modules for emergency rooms, ambulatory clinics, surgical centers, lab systems and more.

As one example of an integrated Allscripts solution, the Sunrise module allows facilities to improve how they deliver clinical care, from start to finish, while also managing their operations and finances. This all-in-one approach allows healthcare facilities to meet comprehensive needs in an easy to use, time efficient platform.

Another example is ePrescribe, a module that allows physicians to use the internet to prescribe patients with medications, managing the entire process from diagnosis to dispensation. Physicians can quickly and easily see an individual patient’s allergies and other key medical concerns so that the optimal medications are prescribed.

What are the differences between EHR and EMR?

These systems have one key purpose in common: to maintain patient health records digitally. However, these differences exist:

  • Electronic medical records (EMR) contain the information found in a traditional paper chart, from a person’s medical history to diagnoses made. They can be helpful when used in an individual medical practice but don’t have any widespread applications beyond that.
  • Electronic health records (EHR) contain all of the information you’d find in an EMR—along with significantly more data, such as imaging reports, lab data, insurance information, data forwarded from wellness devices and more. Additionally, medical providers can share this information with one another in real time and use decision making tools. Plus, if a patient were to change medical providers, they can still access their records.
What are the benefits of EHR systems?

Here is a list of them from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC):

  • Enhanced flow of healthcare information that seamlessly transforms care delivery
  • Ease of access to crucial health-related information
  • Improved patient care and participation
  • Boosted coordination of care
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Practice efficiencies and cost savings
Is Allscripts EMR or EHR and what are the benefits of Allscripts?

Allscripts is an industry leading, fully integrated EHR that is meeting the needs of healthcare organizations across the country—just as it has been for more than 30 years. This highly functional, easy to use application streamlines tasks for medical professionals so that they can spend more time on patient care and less time in record keeping. Physicians can quickly and easily access relevant information to maximize delivery of care.

We need Allscripts consulting services. How do we get started?

HealthTECH Resources, with our unparalleled expertise in healthcare IT and an extensive network of top Allscripts consultants, is here to help. Simply contact us today through our online form or call (602) 903-7961. We’ll discuss your needs and then tap into our extraordinary network to find just the right solution for your organization.

How can I become part of your Allscripts consultant network?

We’re always looking to expand our network of professionals to serve our clients, so we make it easy for IT professionals like you to apply. First, you can find open positions here. Please click on the currently available professional positions you qualify for and read the more detailed descriptions. Then click on the orange “Apply For Job” button to submit your application. Or you can submit your resume or apply for open positions through LinkedIn. Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the premier HealthTECH network!